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Suggest a radio station

  • Are you the operator of an internet station?
  • Or are are there stations created by others you frequently listen to?

You can send your suggestion(s) by filling in the mail form at the bottom. Besides that form below you can also make use of Radioxy’s e-mail adress ( or Twitter.

!!! Amateur stations, semi-amateur stations or professional creations: It doesn’t matter, as long as it stands out in some way. Radioxy accepts ‘jukebox stations’, when the combination of tracks is remarkable or simply on point.

You can suggest everything. But Radioxy espécially asks for stations:

  • playing modern dance music in general (EDM, trance and more).
  • playing metal.
  • playing mainstream hip hop.
  • playing gangsta rap.
  • playing modern mainstream pop.
  • based in other countries than The Netherlands, France or Belgium (there’s already a lot of that on the website).