Other stations to listen to

These are extra tips, not mentioned on the regular radio pages.

Both new and old music
  • [Listen] Grrif is a station on the relatively hip side of general pop radio. The station plays an accessible mix of many genres. The reason why it’s on this page, and not on one of the regular webradio pages: Due to right issues/expensive costs you can only listen to it in it’s target area. Grrif’s heritage is the French part of Switzerland, and people not living in the circle around Grrif’s home base have to use VPN techniques. An alternative: Couleur3 (same type of music, and also from Switzerland).
Oldies stations, general

(Bolz is also counted nowadays.)

  • [Listen] A. Radio 70s Juice is a Radionomy station playing mainstream music, mainly released in the seventies. The station is entirely non-stop. Heritage: Italy.
  • [Listen] Bolz Radio is a Radionomy station started in the late 00s. In the past Bolz was a lively network of 8 stations. Now there are just a couple of nearly abandoned stations left (just scheduling the tracks already available in the database, nothing more), and a really abandoned official website, Bolzradio.com; I’ve linked to the Radionomy page. The music on the main station, a mix of pop, rock and black music, and with that typical French touch, is still good though. There’s just nothing new added. Heritage: France.
  • [Listen] Goodmix Radio is a creation of an enthusiast amateur streamer just experimenting with playlists. Sometimes Benjamin’s selection sounds like a typical golden oldies station, sometimes the musical mix is more exotic (in this case it can be quite interesting). Sometimes there’s a ‘real’ playlist, sometimes the tracks are just played in alphabetical order. He’s is a stayer; experimenting with streams in the late 00s already. Radioxy still remembers the long string of shortliving Radionomy stations, often with SoundOfBen in the name, playing interesting music; generally less mainstream than his current creation. Heritage: France.
Oldies stations, danceable
  • [Listen] A. Radio 90s Juice is a Radionomy station playing mainstream nineties music, often with a happy-go-lucky feel, and some late eighties and early noughties fitting the format. The station is entirely non-stop, and many of the tracks are danceable. Heritage: Italy.
  • [Listen] A. Radio 00s Juice is the noughties version of the station above, made by the same owner. Timeframe: late nineties till early tens. Heritage: Italy.