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Other streams to listen to
  • LDBK (Mixcloud) – The Belgian beats/urban music organisation (2002-2016) is back. This is their Mixcloud account, filled with Hotlists (compilations of recent releases, although at the moment there are not that many 2018/2019 episodes yet). Type of music: similar to the stuff people like Lefto, Mr. Leenknecht and Ngoc Lan play. Do you prefer single tracks? Try this link.
Internet radio lists (hobby)
  • Hendrik Janssen – This site (in fact one long page) collects internet streams; the stream urls included. The site is written in the Dutch language, but in this case it doesn’t matter that much.
  • Community Radio Station Board – Don’t let the sparse design fool you: they try to collect as much internet radio streams as possible. The amount of stream links is impressive. You can search for genres, countries, languages and codecs.
Internet radio lists (professional/portals)
  • Icecast Directory – A huge database filled with radio stations. With some luck you’ll find the m3u version of a stream not seeming to work correctly on your internet radio device (because it’s aac or something similar). The site looks sparse + still the same as ten years ago, but that’s just an advantage.
  • MediaU – This is, after the Frontier Silicon/vTuner problems of May 2019, a still working – complete – portal linked to physical internet radio devices. You can create menu folders, add custom url’s, and synchronize everything with your device. These brands are mostly relying on MediaU (no big names, but Radioxy recommends the first one): Imperial, Auna, Albrecht, Roadstar, Denver, iAdapt, Lenco, Soundmaster, Dual, Sky Vision, Renkforce and recent Medion devices.
  • Online Radio Box – A site for those who like digging playlists, ánd for those searching for (for them) new radio stations. In the last case: Google the title of a song you like + “online radio box”, and (with a little bit of luck) a list of radio stations playing that specific track will appear. Maybe there’s something nice in that list. But of course this way of discovering stations only works with stations providing a playlist; and that’s not always the case.
The art of making radio
  • Radio I Love It – Everything about making radio. The site contains long stories; clearly written from an American perspective and possibly interesting for real radio lovers.
  • Ross On RadioInsight – Sean Ross writes opinions about the American radio industry. When you’re interested in format talk it can be very enjoying.
  • Sean Ross (Billboard site) – This section of the Billboard site contains opinions, (again) written by Sean Ross. They are similar to the ‘Ross On RadioInsight’ colums, but these aren’t updated anymore.
Making radio by yourself
  • Radionomy – A warning for people wanting to try it (the main person behind Radioxy has experience with this service): You have to deal with things like geoblocks, annoying Jamendo breaks, big portals don’t accepting your station and other issues. But it’s still the only free service making it possible to make radio by yourself; extras like jingle packages not counted. You don’t have the wish the make radio by yourself? You can also try some of the stations (thóusands) made by others. Some are really nice to listen to.
Discussion boards
  • The Internet Radio Forum – This international discussion board is moderately visited but still provides lots of information. There’s a special Reciva section among the subboards. Reciva is that forgotten service linked to physical internet radio devices. It still exists in 2019.
Chart stuff
  • Eigenwijze 30 – The webmaster compiles his own charts containing recent releases, partly based on his own taste. The site is written in the Dutch language, btw.
  • Hits Aller Tijden – This site contains links to over 1400 charts filled with old music. Note: The entire site is made from a Dutch perspective.
Voice-over sites
  • Radiodaddy – Are you an internet radio hobbyist (English language)? And do you have not that much money? On this discussion board you can ask for cheap (donation offers) or even free voice-overs.
  • VoiceBunny – This is another relatively cheap voice-over service for international internet radio hobbyists. At VoiceBunny you can order many kinds of voice-overs. Choose the right voice and send him/her your lines. You will get dry voices to use in a program like Audacity.