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With a relaxed feel

Relaxed formats; varied or relatively poppy. There’s more relaxed music on this page. Suggestions: Twitter or

Varied relaxed formats

Alternative Radio and Nova are also recommended if you like the stations in this section. But these stations are more powerful, and are described on this page.

  • [Stream] Djam Radio mainly plays black and relaxed types of music (and sometimes exotic sounds). On the website there’s the possibility to vote for the tracks. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] FIP is the main station within the FIP family. This station presents a mix of pop, funk, jazz, blues, soul, exotic music, hip hop, electronica, and even classical music. Nearly every song matches perfectly the previous one. In between the songs you’ll hear the characteristic subtle presentation, often brought by beautiful sweet female voices. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] FIP Nouveautés is one of the sub streams of FIP. This station is basically similar to the ‘regular’ FIP (musicwise), but there’s a big difference: You’ll only hear music released the last couple of years. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Nova La Nuit, part of the Nova family, plays an eclectic and friendly mix of music. The station is entirely non-stop. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Pinguin Pluche is the relaxed stream of the Pinguin Radio family. The station plays soft pop/rock, soul and exotic music, and also plays frequently songs in the Dutch language. Despite those songs, the general feel is reminiscent of many of those typical eclectic stations from French speaking areas. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Stream] MondoBongo Radio is a slightly more powerful and more poppy alternative to (the regular version of) FIP. It’s an eclectic mix consisting of pop, rock, electronic music, exotic music, hip hop, jazz and soulful stuff. Heritage: Greece.
  • [Stream] Radio Poko Pokito is a station playing many genres, but most of it is soft alternative music. At their website they describe themselves as a “traveler of a whole world-view pushing you to the boundaries of fictional to believe in it and thus live a few moments in its imaginary world”. The station is entirely non-stop. Heritage: Greece.
  • [Stream] Size Radio is a tasteful and relaxed sounding station, playing a mix of friendly sounding pop, black music and electronica; a good option to play at the background when being busy. Their website also mentions ‘rock’, but in reality you won’t hear that a lot. Heritage: France.
Funky tunes
  • [Stream] FIP Groove is the funky part of the FIP family. Within that musical frame there’s a lot of variety going on, though. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] International Rare Groove takes you on a trip around the world (“soul, funk, afrobeat, roots/reggae, classic hip-hop, disco, latin and world music”). These go-getters were originally small amateur broadcasters. Heritage: France.
Relaxed guitar sounds

This station is also on the ‘mainly guitars’ page.

  • [Stream] FIP Rock is the guitar based station within the FIP family. It’s mostly relaxed sounding music; often with a bluesy feel and/or mixed with something exotic. Heritage: France.
Relaxed hip hop & related music

These stations are also on the ‘hip hop and more’ page.

  • [Stream] Beatminerz Radio is the official station of the hip hop production duo Da Beatminerz, DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt. Beatminerz Radio mostly plays (relatively subtle) hip hop and r&b, but you’ll also hear old funk and soul. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] Gone Up Radio is a – predominantly – hip hop station leaning to the funky/jazzy side of the genre; you won’t hear much gangsta rap there. The atmosphere is relaxed. Less relaxed: The stream url isn’t playable with Winamp and some internet radios (TuneIn works o.k., though). Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] M2 Hip-Hop plays non-stop old hip hop; mostly on the more refined side of the genre. Many of the tracks have jazzy and/or funky influences. Heritage: France.