A guide through the world of internet radio

Urban stations

These radio stations play urban music. At the bottom part of this page you’ll find stations playing urban/electronica combinations.

Hip hop / related (old and new, general or commercial)
  • [Stream] BBC Radio 1Xtra is the urban division of the BBC organisation, presenting a complete, well-filled schedule. Genres: hip hop and nearly every style related to it. It can be r&b, but it can also be grime or dubstep. Heritage: The UK.
  • [Stream] Mouv’, part of the French public radio organisation ‘Radio France’, plays general mainstream sounding urban music. The station’s has got a complete program schedule, and some of the tracks are in the French language.
Hip hop / related (old and new, relaxed / subtle)
  • [Stream] Beatminerz Radio is the official station of the hip hop production duo Da Beatminerz, DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt. Beatminerz Radio mostly plays (relatively subtle) hip hop and r&b. But you’ll also hear old funk, soul and sometimes even funky or bluesy rock songs. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] Gone Up Radio is a – predominantly – hip hop station leaning to the funky/jazzy side of the genre; you won’t hear much gangsta rap there. The atmosphere is relaxed –> as long as you neglect the fact some tracks sound much louder than others. Heritage: France.
Hip hop / related (old and new, other stations)
  • [Stream] Tarmac FR plays general hip hop with a French touch. The station is entirely non-stop. Heritage: Belgium (Wallonia).
Hip hop / related (oldies)
  • [Stream] M2 Hip-Hop plays non-stop old hip hop; mostly on the more refined side of the genre. Many of the tracks have jazzy and/or funky influences. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Super Throwback Party Radio plays hip hop, new jack swing, r&b, etcetera, released in the 80s and 90s. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] WeFunk is a station playing hip hop, funk, soul and related styles. The stream consists of old shows (the oldest ones have been recorded in the early 00s) and sometimes a recent one. The WeFunk show is part of the college station CKut. Heritage: Canada.
Urban / electronica combinations (the Lefto / Gilles style)
  • [Stream] Le Mellotron plays a combination of electronic music (both midtempo and uptempo), urban tracks, and from time to time something exotic. The playlist is Lefto/Gilles Peterson related. Sometimes there’s a show broadcast. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Ness Radio plays electronic music, urban and exotic stuff. This is (musicwise) a Lefto/Gilles Peterson related station too. There are similarities between this station, Le Mellotron and Worldwide FM, but in the non-stop hours there’s less uptempo/housey stuff in the musical mix. Besides non-stop music there are also lots of shows broadcast. Heritage: Morocco.
  • [Stream] RadioSoundSystem seems an amateur station, but that’s quite vague. Their own description: “alternative hip-hop – new soul – nu jazz – future beats – electronic & beyond”. Heritage: Belgium (Brussels).
  • [Stream] Tarmac Chillin’ is a division of Tarmac, an internetradio organisation specialized in urban. This sub stream plays relaxed hip hop and combinations of hip hop and electronica (or: ‘beat scene’ stuff). There are some similarities with RadioSoundSystem, and many of the tracks could also be played in Lefto’s show. But in general, those on Tarmac Chillin’ seem somewhat more catchy. Heritage: Belgium (Wallonia).
  • [Stream] Worldwide FM is a Gilles Peterson creation. The station plays exotic music, jazzy stuff, beats, soulful hip hop and more. Soundwise it’s somewhat similar to Le Mellotron, but on Worldwide FM there are a lot more shows. Heritage: UK.
Urban / electronica combinations (slightly different)
  • [Stream] Bruzz (at night) –> During office hours (Central European Time) this station sounds totally different; nearly mainstream. Anyway: Bruzz is a local station from Brussels. After 7 or 8 o’clock, depending on the day of the week, you’ll hear many musical styles. These are played in lots of genre shows, but often it will be black music or electronica. Heritage: Belgium. But despite coming from Brussels, the language is Dutch; French is more common there.
  • [Stream] Pedro Basement Broadcast, the station of Laurent Garnier. He plays his favorite tracks, in many styles. But most of them sound, in one way or another, urban or electronic. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Size Radio is a tasteful and relaxed sounding station, playing a mix of black music and electronica; a good option to play at the background when being busy. Their website also mentions ‘rock’, but in reality you won’t hear that a lot. Heritage: France.