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The oddities corner

These stations are hard to classify. Suggestions: Twitter or

No format

These are often local / campus / community stations.

  • [Stream] Byte FM is an eclectic station covering pop, rock, hip hop, house, etcetera. There are many genre shows. But despite its eclecticness and the not-that-standard playlist, this station still sounds quite accessible. That’s why it’s also on the ‘general pop’ page. Heritage: Germany (Hamburg).
  • [Stream] Ckut is a local, non-profit and campus-community radio station presenting a complete, thought-out schedule. That schedule is filled with loads of genre shows, produced by over 200 volunteers and ranging from hard rock to exotic rhythms. Many of the tracks are quite obscure. There’s also the possibility to download the shows (like WeFunk, one of the most accessible shows) at the website. Sadly there aren’t playlists published. But Shazam or Soundhound will help you out (hopefully). Heritage: Canada (Montreal).
  • [Stream] Radio Béton also is an extremely diverse sounding station; many presented genre shows included. The strongest points of the station: 1) sounding modern but not painfully hip, and 2) the guitar based tracks, especially in the (recommended) non-stop hours. Many of those tracks have more ‘bite’ than the average guitar track played on the radio nowadays. Heritage: France (Tours).
  • [Stream] Radio Campus Clermont is another local station from that part of the world. What you are going to hear again depends on the time of the day/week. It can be jazz, but it can also be metal. Curious? You can download shows at the – nice and original looking – website. Some parts of that site are in need of an update, though. Heritage: France (Clermont-Ferrand).
  • [Stream] Radio Scorpio is a local station playing a highly eclectic and alternative mix of music. It can be nearly every kind of pop, rock, electronica or black music. There are also shows broadcast. This site was doubting about putting the station here or at the ‘general pop’ page, but it’s been put on both. Heritage: Belgium (Leuven).
  • [Stream] Radio X is a local station playing a very eclectic mix of music. There are lots of (genre) shows broadcast – can be techno, jazz, movie soundtracks, or something else. Heritage: Germany (Frankfurt).
  • [Stream] Radio X (another one) is a quite multicultural local station with – in the non-stop hours – the same type of alternative playlist as many others in this list, and also lots of genre shows. About the multicultural part: There are shows for Arabian speaking people, Italian speaking people, Turkish speaking people, etcetera. Heritage: Switzerland (Basel).
  • [Stream] WFMU, a listener-supported station, presents a schedule somewhat similar to Ckut. WFMU contains about 1001 different genre shows, but in general this station is slightly easier to the ear. The best way to enjoy a station like this: picking your favorite shows instead of listening to everything. Everything’s downloadable at their (nice looking) website. Heritage: The USA (Jersey City).
  • [Stream] consists of 80+ djs, promoters, record label owners, local musicians and music geeks. They are focussing on discovery and curation, don’t rely on algorithms, and play nearly every music genre (although they seem to prefer a certain alternative and dark feel), brought in a long list of genre shows. Heritage: The USA (Portland)
There ís a clear format

…It just doesn’t fit anywhere else.

  • [Stream] Classic Bootleg Radio plays bootlegs, mashups and bastard pop – all made before 2007. The general feel is similar to the famous 00s project Radio Soulwax. Heritage: The UK.
  • [Stream] Radio Apostrophe, a station with a very serious feel when visiting the website, plays music laying somewhere between jazz and rock (“fusion, jazz, progressive, Zappa”). The station doesn’t sound relaxed enough to put between the jazz stations at the ‘more relaxed music’ page, but it also isn’t clearly guitar based. Btw: despite being a non-stop station, there’s a complete program schedule. Heritage: Germany.
Hip & eclectic
  • [Stream] Kiosk Radio is an online community, streaming from a wooden shack in the ‘Parc Royal’ in Brussels (at summer days you can get a drink there). One of the staff members is the famous Belgian dj Lefto. Musicwise it’s a very eclectic station, playing even country, but most of it is electronic or black music. Note: It’s hard to listen to it with an internet radio (at least those connected with MediaU).
  • [Stream] NTS Radio (1) is based in London, while there are also studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Manchester. The general feel is ultra cool, and genrewise you can expect a lot – from the past ánd the future.
  • [Stream] NTS Radio (2) is (of course) coming from the same source as the one above. One station doesn’t seem enough to give room to the huge list of djs.
  • [Stream] Reform Radio is based in Manchester. At first glance the schedule on the website seems quite unclear. But it’s similar to the others in this section: a mixed bag of music, brought by people digging deep.
  • [Stream] Soho Radio comes from London. Like NTS, they bring together cool people from across the globe. The biggest part of their well-filled schedule consists of urban and dance (in the broadest sense of the word), but besides that you can also expect other kinds of music.

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