Slow electronica

Radio stations playing low bpm electronica, ranging from ambient to glitches and bleeps.

Ambient music
  • [Listen] Chroma Radio Ambient plays non-stop good ambient tracks, lacking any kind of ‘beats’. And from time to time you’ll hear nature sounds. Less fun: the volume of the individual tracks varies quite a bit. The result: dreaming away when listening to the station isn’t that easy. Heritage: Greece.
  • [Listen] (Echoes Of Bluemars) Cryosleep sounds a bit like the one above, but lacks the volume problem and the amount of nature sounds. Btw: The ‘Echoes Of Bluemars’ streams are copies of the original Bluemars streams, made by a fan of the (for years not existing anymore) original streams. Heritage: Unknown.
  • [Listen] Drone Zone is the ambient stream of the Soma FM family. But the tracks are slightly more powerful compared to those played on Chroma Radio Ambient and Cryosleep. Heritage: USA.
Lounge / downtempo
  • [Listen] Groove Salad is the lounge/downtempo stream of the Soma FM family. But don’t expect many of the usual lounge classics. Heritage: USA.
Other stations
  • [Listen] Cliqhop, a Soma FM stream, plays the kind of music often described as ‘IDM’ (Intelligent Dance Music). This station non-stop plays tracks containing bleeps, glitches and techno related sounds. Heritage: USA.
  • [Listen] OEM Radio plays diverse kinds of electronic music. On their Facebook page they explain the format this way: “downtempo, IDM, ambient, dub, minimal techno, psychill, glitch-hop, others”. Heritage: USA.