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Recent releases

Stations specialized in (quite) recent music. Suggestions: Twitter or

Just music released the last couple of years
  • [Stream] Amazing Radio is strictly dedicated to new releases, mostly pop and rock, which can be uploaded to Amazing Media. You won’t hear the latest Top 40 hits here (possibly there are songs you’ll hear on a mainstream station 6 months later). The station has got a complete schedule and sounds professional; slightly similar to BBC 6 Music. Heritage: Ireland/UK.
  • [Stream] FIP Nouveautés is one of the sub streams of FIP. You’ll hear a mix of pop, funk, jazz, blues, soul, exotic music, hip hop, electronica, and even classical music. The tracks aren’t always brand new, but they are always released in the last couple of years. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Générations En Mode Brand New plays recent (American) hip hop + r&b tracks. The general feel is very mainstream. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Hotmix Radio New plays recent releases. The track choices are very mainstream, and you can expect (because of its heritage) some French stuff from time to time.
Less strict
  • [Stream] 1Live Fiehe is the weekly show of the famous German dj Klaus Fiehe. He plays for about 80 % music released in the last couple of years, and for about 20 % older ones. Often it’s electronic music, but you can also expect rock. At least the choices aren’t that mainstream. This stream plays the show in a loop.
  • [Stream] Sun Nouvo plays quite recent music (mostly released the last couple of years, from time to time slightly older, but not older than +/- 10 years) from the French scene; regardless of the language in which it’s sung. Expect a wide range of genres.