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Old dance

Old music you can dance to. Suggestions: Twitter or

The danceable seventies and/or eighties
  • [Stream] BMC Radio plays non-stop funk, disco, soul and r&b from +/- 1975 till 2000; although the station is mainly focussing on the first ten years of this era. Fun fact: The main people behind the station met each other around 1980 already. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Stream] Dance Radio Amsterdam plays danceable and/or soulful 80s music – although that isn’t immediately clear when looking at the website. Immediately noticable though: the contact between the people behind the station and the people listening to it. And there are frequently shows broadcast. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Stream] Radio Stad Den Haag plays high energy, Italo, electro and disco, in other words: early/mid eighties galore. Sometimes there are shows broadcast. Heritage: The Netherlands.
Commercial sounding dance
  • [Stream] Double XX is an amateur station playing danceable music of the late eighties and the early nineties. Stock, Aitken & Waterman (like) productions, the Soul II Soul sound, techno house: it’s all in Double XX’s playlist. And by amateur standards the imaging is nice. Heritage: Belgium (Wallonia).
  • [Stream] Maxximum is inspired by the French station with the same name, broadcasting from 1989 till 1992. Thís version (belonging to the French organisation ‘Radio FG’) plays music released from the late 80s till the mid 00s, though. You’ll hear quite commercial sounding danceable stuff + accessible club hits.
  • [Stream] Absolute 90s Party Zone plays uplifting dance music of the nineties. The tracks are partly mainstream and partly semi-mainstream/clubhits. Important: You need a Facebook account to listen to the station at their website. Heritage: Switzerland.
  • [Stream] Planet 90, a well-produced hobby project, is broadcasting since 2004 already. The station plays varied and mostly commercial sounding nineties dance. Their database consists of +6400 tracks, and many of the tracks haven’t been chart hits. In the non-stop hours (by far the biggest part) you can request tracks by yourself. But from time to time there’s a show (with lots of Dutch spoken talk) broadcast. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Stream] Radio Eurodance Classic is an amateur station playing non-stop eurodance; mainly released in the nineties. Many of the tracks haven’t been chart hits, and have the typical sound popular in Central Europe. Heritage: Canada.
Dance + danceable pop and/or urban
  • [Stream] Astounded Old School Radio is a LautFM stream playing non stop mainstream dance, hip hop and r&b, released in the 80s, 90s and 00s. You’ll hear both guilty pleasures and real classic stuff. Heritage: Germany.
  • [Stream] Maxximum Classixx, related to the Maxximum station earlier on this page, strictly focusses on the late 80s-early 90s era. There’s some swingbeat and danceable pop thrown in the musical mix. Heritage: France.
Not that mainstream sounding dance
  • [Stream] Elektro-Choc is operated by the same person as Double XX, which is also on this page. But thís creation is a general nineties/noughties dance station; although Radioxy has also heard early tens stuff. You’ll hear both midtempo and uptempo tracks. The general sound isn’t that harsh though. Radioxy even noticed hours filled with ambientesque tunes. Heritage: Belgium (Wallonia).
  • [Stream] FIP Electro is the electronic station within the FIP family. The station sounds varied, but the general feel is subtle. Midtempo and uptempo tracks are both played. It’s clearly not meant as an oldies station. But because the lack of tracks released in the last couple of years, it’s on this page. Heritage: France.