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More relaxed sounds

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Exotic sounds
  • [Stream] FIP Monde is the exotic sounding station within the FIP family. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] FIP Reggae is the reggae station within the FIP family. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Radio Fly Foot Selecta is an amateur station (Radionomy) playing exotic sounding music; often reggae or related to it. There are a couple of shows broadcast, but (by far) the biggest part of the station is non-stop. Heritage: France.
Jazzy tunes
  • [Stream] FIP Jazz is the jazz station within the FIP family. The station plays many kinds of jazz, varying from oldfashioned to very modern. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] TSF Jazz plays a wide variety of jazz genres, although it can be on the poppy side. But this depends on the show broadcast at the moment you’re listening. Heritage: France.
Classical music
  • [Stream] Klara plays general classical music (and from time to time jazz), complemented by intelligent – Dutch – talk. There’s a complete program schedule. Heritage: Belgium.
40s/50s/60s exotica
  • [Stream] Illionois Street Lounge plays exotica of the 40s, 50s and 60s. The station belongs to the Soma FM family; for years already one of the big internet radio names. Heritage: The USA.
Slow electronica
  • [Stream] Chroma Radio Ambient plays non-stop good ambient tracks and other kinds of abstract electronica, lacking any kind of ‘beats’. Heritage: Greece.
  • [Stream] (Echoes Of Bluemars) Cryosleep sounds a little bit softer, just playing real ambient – again: zero beats. Many of the tracks are, by ambient standards, relatively catchy. Btw: The ‘Echoes Of Bluemars’ streams are copies of the original Bluemars streams, made by a fan of the (for years not existing anymore) original streams. Heritage: France (this version).
  • [Stream] Drone Zone is the ambient stream within the Soma FM family. Compared to Chroma Radio Ambient and Cryosleep, the station sounds slightly more powerful. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] Groove Salad is the lounge/downtempo stream of the Soma FM family. But don’t expect many of the usual lounge classics. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] Zero Beat Zone plays exactly what the station name says. The tracks are somewhat less recognizable than those played on Cryosleep, which is an advantage when just using it as background music. Heritage: The USA.