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Mainly guitars

Mostly rock music, or (more general) alternative music. Suggestions: Twitter or

Old and new guitar sounds, general
  • [Stream] FIP Rock is the guitar based station within the FIP family. It’s mostly relaxed sounding music; often with a bluesy feel and/or mixed with something exotic. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Indie XL mainly plays rock and from time to time something else. The station especially focusses on new releases. There are some presented shows, but the program schedule is quite vague. Heritage: The Netherlands. Note: lots of Dutch talk when airing shows.
  • [Stream] Pinguin Radio is the main station within the Pinguin Radio family, playing new and old (semi-)alternative music. Most tracks are guitar based. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Stream] Radio Free Phoenix plays many kinds of guitar music (in their own words: “rock, folk, blues, psychedelic, new wave, americana, progressive”); often old songs but also more recent releases. The amount of tracks in their database: +/- 16.000 (that’s a lot). And besides non-stop music there are presented shows. Heritage: The USA.
Old and new guitar sounds, metal
  • [Stream] Metal Dectector is one of the rock streams within the Soma FM organisation. The description at the site (Radioxy can’t write a better one): “Crushing riffs, mind-bending tone, growling / screaming / ear-splitting vocal torture. May cause permanent aural damage. Classics, bleeding-edge new releases, and everything in between.” Heritage: The USA.
Oldies stations
  • [Stream] BAGeL Radio is an alternative rock station playing music ‘spanning four decades’, as the operators say on the website. The playlist contains both big names and less-known names. It’s a Soma FM station, but in opposite to most other Soma creations there’s a chance you’ll hear talks in between the tracks. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] 40Up Radio plays sixties, seventies and eighties music. Sometimes you’ll hear something more recent, but that doesn’t happen very often. Most music is guitar based. The – very capable – people spreading their love for music at night (Central European Time) are well-known Dutch babyboomers, or not that far from it. There’s a replay section (‘terugluisteren’) at their website. Heritage: The Netherlands. Note: lots of Dutch spoken talk when airing shows.
  • [Stream] Gem Radio New Wave plays general (semi-)alternative music of the late 70s and the early 80s. The station is entirely non-stop. Heritage: Ireland.
  • [Stream] Indie Rewind plays rock and indie classics of the 80s, 90s and sometimes the 00s. The station is entirely non-stop. Heritage: The UK.
  • [Stream] Pinguin Classics is the oldies station within the Pinguin Radio organisation. The station plays (semi-)alternative and mostly guitar based classics of the 80s, 90s and the first half of the 00s. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Stream] Rockamax is a mysterious amateur station (Radionomy). There’s no ‘real’ website, and who’s behind it? But for some reason the music database stands out. Rockamax plays both old and new guitar sounds, but by far most songs are old. The general sound is slightly alternative; album tracks included. Heritage: France (and some of the tracks are in the French language).