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Hip hop / related

These radio stations play hip hop and/or genres somewhat related to it.

Hip hop / related – Old and new (general or commercial)
  • [Stream] BBC Radio 1Xtra is the urban division of the BBC organisation, presenting a complete, well-filled schedule. Genres: hip hop and nearly every style related to it. It can be r&b, but it can also be grime or dubstep. Heritage: The UK.
  • [Stream] Mouv’, part of the French public radio organisation ‘Radio France’, plays general mainstream sounding urban music. The station’s has got a complete program schedule, and some of the tracks are in the French language.
Hip hop / related – Old and new (relaxed / subtle)
  • [Stream] Beatminerz Radio is the official station of the hip hop production duo Da Beatminerz, DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt. Beatminerz Radio mostly plays (relatively subtle) hip hop and r&b. But you’ll also hear old funk, soul and sometimes even funky or bluesy rock songs. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] Gone Up Radio is a – predominantly – hip hop station leaning to the funky/jazzy side of the genre; you won’t hear much gangsta rap there. The atmosphere is relaxed –> as long as you neglect the fact some tracks sound much louder than others. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Tarmac Chillin’ is a division of Tarmac, an internet radio organisation specialized in urban. This sub stream plays relaxed hip hop and combinations of hip hop and electronica (or: ‘beat scene’ stuff). Many of the tracks could also be played in Lefto’s show. Heritage: Belgium (Wallonia).
Hip hop / related – Old and new (others)
  • [Stream] Tarmac FR plays general hip hop with a French touch. The station is entirely non-stop. Heritage: Belgium (Wallonia).
Hip hop / related – Oldies
  • [Stream] M2 Hip-Hop plays non-stop old hip hop; mostly on the more refined side of the genre. Many of the tracks have jazzy and/or funky influences. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Super Throwback Party Radio plays hip hop, new jack swing, r&b, etcetera, released in the 80s and 90s. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] WeFunk is a station playing hip hop, funk, soul and related styles. The stream consists of old shows (the oldest ones have been recorded in the early 00s) and sometimes a recent one. The WeFunk show is part of the college station CKut. Heritage: Canada.