Highly eclectic stations

These stations play a bit of everything – in overdrive.

General formatless stations
  • [Listen] Ckut is a local, non-profit and campus-community radio station presenting a complete, thought-out schedule. That schedule is filled with loads of genre shows, produced by over 200 volunteers and ranging from hard rock to exotic rhythms. Many of the tracks are quite obscure. There’s also the possibility to download the shows (like WeFunk, one of the most accessible shows) at the website. Sadly there aren’t playlists published. But Shazam or Soundhound will help you out (hopefully). Heritage: Canada (Montreal).
  • [Listen] Radio Béton is a local station being somewhat more accessible than the others in this section. But it’s still very, very diverse. Here too, there are many presented genre shows. The strongest points of the station: 1) sounding modern but not painfully hip, and 2) the guitar based tracks, especially in the (recommended) non-stop hours. Many of those tracks have more ‘bite’ than the average guitar track played on the radio nowadays. Heritage: France (Tours).
  • [Listen] Radio Campus Clermont is another local station from that part of the world. What you are going to hear again depends on the time of the day/week. It can be jazz, but it can also be metal. Curious? You can download shows at the – nice and original looking – website. Some parts of that site are in need of an update, though. Heritage: France (Clermont-Ferrand).
  • [Listen] WFMU, a listener-supported station, presents a schedule somewhat similar to Ckut. WFMU contains about 1001 different genre shows, but in general this station is slightly easier to the ear. The best way to enjoy a station like this: picking your favorite shows instead of listening to everything. Everything’s downloadable at their (nice looking) website. Heritage: The USA (Jersey City).
Highly eclectic stations; the hippest ones
  • [Listen] NTS Radio is a station presenting it’s stuff on two streams (this is the link to the second one). It seems there’s not enough room on one stream to house the huge list of djs. Soundwise you can, btw, expect nearly everything possible. Heritage: The UK (London).
  • [Listen] Red Light Radio also plays many kinds of music, presented by a long list of djs. Genrewise it ranges from electronical experiments to metal; although the station leans to the electronic side. Heritage: The Netherlands. The station’s based in the Red Light District in Amsterdam.
Highly eclectic stations; the most unconventional ones
  • [Listen] Radio Centraal brings formatless crazyness in a chaotic and well-filled program schedule; even surpassing Ckut. And in between the songs you’ll hear vague, intelligent talk, perfectly fitting the musical mix. The station is anti-commerce. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but at least it’s interesting. Same goes for the original site design, created in the late 00s already. Heritage: Belgium (Antwerp). Note: lots of Dutch spoken talk.
  • [Listen] Radio Patapoe is a former pirate broadcasting the most incomprehensible format you can imagine. There’s no schedule and you’ll never know what to expect. Heritage: The Netherlands (Amsterdam). Note: from time to time Dutch spoken – or mumbled – talk.