General pop radio (oldies)

Varied but accessible pop formats, mainly (or just) playing tracks released in the past.

Multi-decade pop formats

At the bottom of this page is an extra section with corny/cheesy stations, which are often multi-decade formats too.

  • [Listen] Freakolympics is a Rob Stenders creation. For those who don’t know him: he’s a famous Dutch radio dj. This station plays complete old Freakolympics shows (Freakolympics = a Dutch radio show, in the past broadcast on the public pop/youth station 3FM). The music is a bit of everything, ranging from decades old to a couple of years ago. But it can have a slightly alternative edge. Heritage: The Netherlands. Note: lots of Dutch spoken talk.
  • [Listen] KX Classics plays varied old music, ranging from many decades ago till a couple of years ago. The type of music played here: The relatively edgy site of the mainstream + semi-alternative classics. Originally it’s (again) an idea of Rob Stenders, and the station is entirely non-stop. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Listen] Violence Radio is an eclectic sounding ‘Laut FM’ station with a very original looking website (look at that navigation). About 80% of the time you’ll hear one of these two formats: 1) a mix of the types of music played by Nova, BBC 6Music and people like Lefto, or 2) guitar based shows. Especially the first type of show is recommended. Less fun: The station is abandoned. There are just new hours generated with the already available tracks in the (húge) database. You’ll hear nearly nothing released after 2015. That’s the reason it’s on this ‘oldies’ pages. Heritage: France.
  • [Listen] XXL Bonanza is a Rob Stenders creation playing the tracks requested in Robs Bonanza shows, broadcast on the Dutch public pop station ‘Radio 2‘. The result is a formatless but still easy accessible mixture of many kinds of (mostly old) pop music. At night and on Friday afternoon (Central European Time) there are some shows broadcast. Heritage: The Netherlands. Note: There’s possibly a lot of Dutch talk in their shows.
Fifties, sixties and/or seventies pop
  • [Listen] 192 Radio plays golden oldies of the sixties and seventies. This station often recycles old shows (old = many decades ago). Besides those old shows the station is mainly non-stop. Heritage: The Netherlands. Note: when airing shows, there’s a lot of Dutch spoken talk.
  • [Listen] Radio Tijdloos plays non-stop golden oldies, mostly released in the fifties or sixties. Many of the songs are sung in Dutch. This station has got a sweet, innocent charm. It’s an amateur station btw, hosted at Radionomy. Heritage: The Netherlands.
Sixties, seventies and/or eighties pop
  • [Listen] Extra Gold plays golden oldies of the sixties till the early nineties, and sometimes something more recent. There’s much presentation, and besides that you’ll hear lots of jingles and old commercials. By internet radio standards the station sounds very ‘rich’. Heritage: The Netherlands. Nots: lots of Dutch spoken talk.
  • [Listen] LX Classics plays non-stop good sixties, seventies and eighties mainstream. Lex Harding, a famous (retired) Dutch radio dj, didn’t hear many of the tracks on regular radio station. His solution: creating an internet station playing the music he wanted to share. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Listen] Toppers Van Toen is an amateur station (Radionomy) with an innocent charm similar to Radio Tijdloos, but plays more songs sung in English – and also a little bit more recent. Heritage: The Netherlands.
Mainly sixties pop
  • [Listen] Absolute Radio 60s plays general 60s mainstream; often rock or soul. Sometimes there’s a show broadcast. Heritage: The UK.
Mainly seventies pop
Mainly eighties pop
  • [Listen] Absolute Radio 80s is a ‘left of the middle’ 80s station (similar to its 90s counterpart), playing both well-made mainstream tracks and semi-alternative classics. There are also shows broadcast. Heritage: The UK.
  • [Listen] Hotmixradio 80 plays general eighties mainstream. The station is entirely non-stop, and the sound quality is excellent: very clear. Heritage: France.
Mainly nineties pop
  • [Listen] Absolute Radio 90s plays not too stupid sounding nineties mainstream + semi-alternative stuff of the same era: Soundwise it’s a typical ‘left of the middle’ station, similar to the 80s version. There are also shows broadcast. Heritage: The UK.
  • [Listen] Hotmixradio 90 plays good nineties mainstream + some late eighties and early noughties fitting the format. The station is entirely non-stop, and the sound quality is excellent: very clear. Heritage: France.
  • [Listen] 1.fm Absolute 90s plays non-stop general nineties mainstream: many genres, and ranging from real quality stuff to somewhat corny. The processing is quite loud, and this aspect won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. Important: You need a Facebook account to listen to the station at their website. Heritage: Switzerland.
Mainly noughties pop
  • [Listen] Absolute Radio 00s plays a combination of mainstream and semi-alternative 00s music. Sometimes there’s a show broadcast. Compared to its 80s and 90s counterparts this 00s station sounds more slick. But (well-known) music released since the late 90s sounds more streamlined in general. Heritage: The UK.
  • [Listen] Hotmixradio 2000 plays general noughties mainstream. The station is entirely non-stop, and the sound quality of this station is excellent; very clear. Heritage: France.
Special section with extra happy stations

These stations are also on the happy-go-lucky page.

  • [Listen] Cheesy FM plays happy and often cheesy pop songs (seventies, eighties, nineties, noughties and sometimes recent), all day long. Heritage: The UK.
  • [Listen] Foute Muziek Radio is an amateur station playing mostly tracks released till the early nineties. Despite the eighties and early nineties tracks the station has a kind of a corny seventies feel (in a nice way, though). Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Listen] QMusic Foute Uur is a sub station of QMusic, and very similar to the stream below. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Listen] 538 Verrückte Stunde is one of Radio 538’s extra streams, playing non-stop uplifting/cheesy pop music. It’s a multi-decade format, but most of the tracks were released in the eighties, nineties or noughties. Heritage: The Netherlands. The mother station is the biggest CHR station of this country.