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Funk, soul, more

Soulful and/or funky music (btw: most stations are also mentioned on other pages). Suggestions: Twitter or

New + old, general
  • [Stream] Blue-In-Green:Radio plays soul, funk, jazz, r&b and more. There are podcasts and shows, and every Sunday it’s 90s time (all day long, from 5pm UK time on). Heritage: The UK.
  • [Stream] Djam Radio mainly plays black and relaxed types of music (and sometimes exotic sounds). On the website there’s the possibility to vote for the tracks. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] FIP Groove is the funky part of the FIP family. Within that musical frame there’s a lot of variety going on, though. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Mi-Soul Radio, a London based station, plays soul music + tracks related to it (it can also be house music). This station has got a complete schedule, filled with a huge list of djs.
  • [Stream] Shake!FM, a blog/radio combination and originally a hobby project, plays funk, soul and genres rooted in these styles (also dance tracks); both well-known and less-known tracks. There are also shows broadcast. Heritage: Germany.
New + old, on the jazzy side
  • [Stream] Le GriGri is a station playing jazz, jazzy influenced hip hop, soul, traditional music, etcetera – but it’s mainly jazz leaning. One of the main people behind the station is the man who also created Le Mellotron. Heritage: France.
New + old, on the exotic side
  • [Stream] Comala Radio plays soul, hip hop, house, funk, disco, Brazilian music, African music, etcetera. There are shows broadcast (no clear schedule though). Heritage: France.
New + old, leaning towards hip hop
  • [Stream] Beatminerz Radio is the official station of the hip hop production duo Da Beatminerz, DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt. Beatminerz Radio mostly plays (relatively subtle) hip hop and r&b. But you’ll also hear old funk, soul and sometimes even funky or bluesy pop or rock songs. Heritage: The USA.
  • [Stream] Say Say plays soulful hip hop, but also funk and soul. There are shows broadcast; a morning show included. There’s something ambitious about this project. Heritage: Germany.
New + old, combined with electronica
  • [Stream] Ness Radio is a station in the vein of Lefto, Gilles Peterson, etcetera. There’s frequently funk or soul played, but also subtle electronica. Besides non-stop music there are also lots of shows broadcast. Heritage: Morocco.
  • [Stream] Rádio Oxigénio plays soul, funk, jazz, electronica and hip hop. There are many shows broadcast. Heritage: Portugal.
  • [Stream] BMC Radio plays non-stop funk, disco, soul and r&b from +/- 1975 till 2000; although the station is mainly focussing on the first ten years of this era. Fun fact: The main people behind the station met each other around 1980 already. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Stream] WeFunk is a station playing hip hop, funk, soul and related styles. The stream consists of old shows (the oldest ones have been recorded in the early 00s) and sometimes a recent one. The WeFunk show is part of the college station CKut. Heritage: Canada.