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Diverse beats

Combinations of urban and (subtle) electronica. More hip hop centered stations are on this page. Suggestions: Twitter or

The Lefto / Gilles style
  • [Stream] Le Mellotron plays a combination of electronic music (both midtempo and uptempo), urban tracks, and from time to time something exotic. The playlist is Lefto/Gilles Peterson related. There are frequently shows broadcast. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Ness Radio plays electronic music, urban and exotic stuff. This is (musicwise) a Lefto/Gilles Peterson related station too. There are similarities between this station, Le Mellotron and Worldwide FM, but in the non-stop hours there’s less uptempo/housey stuff in the musical mix. Besides non-stop music there are also lots of shows broadcast. Heritage: Morocco.
  • [Stream] Rádio Oxigénio plays soul, funk, jazz, electronica and hip hop. There are many shows broadcast. Heritage: Portugal.
  • [Stream] RadioSoundSystem is an amateur station, playing – in their own words – “alternative hip-hop – new soul – nu jazz – future beats – electronic & beyond”. The playlist is not really up-to-date, but still worth a try. Heritage: Belgium (Brussels).
  • [Stream] Worldwide FM is a Gilles Peterson creation. The station plays exotic music, jazzy stuff, beats, soulful hip hop and more. Soundwise it’s somewhat similar to Le Mellotron, and Worldwide FM also broadcasts many shows. Heritage: UK.
Slightly different
  • [Stream] Bruzz (at night) –> During office hours (Central European Time) this station sounds totally different; nearly mainstream. Anyway: Bruzz is a local station from Brussels (Belgium). After 7 or 8 o’clock, depending on the day of the week, you’ll hear many musical styles. These are played in lots of genre shows, but often it will be black music or electronica. Btw: Despite coming from Brussels, the language is Dutch; French is more common there.
  • [Stream] Casa Bertallot is a creation of Alessio Bertallot, a famous Italian dj. His station plays diverse types of electronica and black music + occasionally alternative 80s music (but that’s specifically in one of the shows, and not that dominant). The website leads to lots of podcast of previously broadcasted shows, btw.
  • [Stream] GDS.FM plays subtle electronica and urban. Most music is quite obscure, with an occasional ‘big name’ – like Radiohead, Massive Attack and Anderson .Paak – thrown in. At night you can expect dj sets, according to their beautiful website (take a look) brought by a long list of local djs. Heritage: Switzerland (Zürich).
  • [Stream] The Lot Radio broadcasts from a reclaimed shipping container, put down somewhere in New York City. There are lots of djs doing their thing. The focus is on electronic music, although the station presents itself as quite eclectic.
  • [Stream] Pedro Basement Broadcast is the station of Laurent Garnier. He plays his favorite tracks, in many styles. But most of them sound, in one way or another, as urban or electronic. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Radio Béguin plays black music (can be hip hop, can also be something exotic) and electronica. The description looks like the first bunch of stations on the page, but the underlying tone is a little bit different – more dreamy. It’s an amateur station btw, but quite up-to-date. Heritage: France.

If you want something related to the stations on this page, but even more eclectic, read the bottom part of this page.