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Dance tracks

Radio stations playing both oId and new music you can dance to. Suggestions: Twitter or

EDM / mainly commercial dance
  • [Stream] Pro FM plays many kinds of – somewhat – mainstream, danceable music; from the late 70s till now. The station, active since 2003, sounds very professional. If you like this kind of music ├índ the typical harsh processing, then it’s absolutely recommended. Heritage: The Netherlands.
  • [Stream] Radio FG is another oldie (existing since 1981, and already online in the early 00s), playing a wide variety of EDM/various kinds of commercial dance. It’s a ‘big’ station with a complete program schedule; lots of dj mixes included. You can also try the sub stations, like FG Club and FG Underground. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Sunshine Live is one of the biggest dance stations, established in 1997 (yeah, another oldie) already. The well-filled schedule containes shows from Hardwell, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, etcetera. Heritage: Germany.
Commercial dance + danceable pop and/or urban
  • [Stream] Mint FM plays a combination of commercial dance, urban and danceable pop; both old and new tracks. There’s a huge amount of (genre) shows, ranging from 80s specials to dj mixes. Heritage: France.
Warm grooves
  • [Stream] Art Of Music is a well-kept station (social media and all those things included) playing soft kinds of house, disco, funk, soul and more. People still playing those old Hed Kandi compilations will possibly like this one. The station has got a complete program schedule, filled by a long list of ‘music designers’. Heritage: Italy.
  • [Stream] Kif Radio plays a combination of disco, funk and groovy house. There are three ‘Kif’ stations more, but this is the main one. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Maxxima Radio plays a wide range of quite ‘classic’ dance sounds. The station doesn’t sound ultra hip, despite frequently playing tracks released in the last couple of years. There’s a complete program schedule, provinding Italo, jazzy types of dance, electro and more. Heritage: Switzerland.
Bleeps & glitches and such things
  • [Stream] Cliqhop, a Soma FM stream, plays the kind of music often described as ‘IDM’ (Intelligent Dance Music). This station non-stop plays tracks containing bleeps, glitches and techno related sounds. Heritage: USA.
  • [Stream] OEM Radio plays diverse kinds of electronic music. On their Facebook page they explain the format this way: “downtempo, IDM, ambient, dub, minimal techno, psychill, glitch-hop, others”. Heritage: USA.
Varied and subtle
  • [Stream] PlusFM plays a wide variety of quite soft and subtle dance tracks; although the sound processing is quite loud. The types of music, as said on their website: electro, pop, trip hop, downtempo, lounge, acid jazz and deep house. Heritage: France.
  • [Stream] Radio Capsule plays techno, drum ‘n bass, ambient and more; they call themselves ‘eclectic’. Generally it’s relatively refined stuff, though – and lacking the harsh processing of the previous station. There are shows broadcast. Heritage: France.
Varied and general
  • [Stream] Deep Radio plays a varied mix of dance tracks, but not that much of the thing often called ‘EDM’. The music played during office hours is still accessible though; somewhere between highly mainstream and really underground. The station (originally belonging to the first bunch of internet stations; it’s an oldie!) has got a complete, thought-out program schedule. Hertitage: The Netherlands.